Take Back Your Health

30 Day Health Coaching Program!

Tried of it all? If you have been struggling to melt those stubborn extra kilos and get back in shape, and are done with crazy diets that don’t work, then this is just the coaching program for you!

Want to love the skin you're in and find your healthy again?


Join the group...

Receive daily fitness, nutrition and wellness prompts, health coaching advice and the most delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes PLUS a community of support that’s going through it with you every step of the way! 

Eat healthier...

No crazy tricks, shakes, pills, potions or gimmicks! Just real, practical advice and effective strategies from a certified Weight Loss Expert & Nutrition Coach that will help you make healthy become your new normal!

Love your body...

Show your body some love and come join the 30-Day Take Back Your Health Program!! For less than the price of 4 weeks at the gym, arm yourself with everything you need to see results in less than 30 days!

Healthy Made Simple


Let’s help you get back on track the RIGHT way, so you can make science-based health changes that you can live with FOREVER and be happy about. Bulletproof your success and learn simple step-by-step health strategies that you can EASILY implement into your current lifestyle to help you:


  • Lose Those Stubborn Kilos

  • Get Moving & Back in Shape Again!

  • Avoid Afternoon Slumps & Sugar Dumps

  • Revitalise Your Body Naturally Through Food

  • Feel More Energised 100% Naturally!

  • Improve Your Sleep To Lose Weight

  • Boost Your Mood & Love Your Body Again!

  • Eat Healthier & Make Better Choices

  • Fuel Your Body Without Ever Feeling Deprived!


It’s not your fault that you’ve been sold clever marketing, get slim fast rubbish and fooled into thinking that mad hours in the gym, shakes or restrictive dieting is the only way to reach your goals. It’s time to STOP the madness and get properly informed!

Oh yes,I want in!

Sounds so good, sign me up! 

Eat Your Way To Good Health

Isn't it about time you let go of the struggle? No more trial and error. No more chasing the latest health fad or messing around with the hottest lose-weight-fast diet on Instagram. Liberate yourself and ditch the scales. Bin the shake programs. Stop scrolling, there is a far better way... join today!


Oh yes,I want in!

I'm drooling already, sign me up! 

Matty D, Queensland

Em has held me accountable and tailored her program to my needs. Breaking down what looks like a mountain into a clear roadmap to success taking it one step at a time I highly recommend Em Lewis Body & Lifestyle to make the positive changes for your nutritional and fitness goals a reality. Thank you Em!

Vicki-Lee M, Sydney

Extensive knowledge of health, beauty and well-being. An extremely happy, positive soul that radiates joy and brings out your inner glow. Exceptional lifestyle and fitness coach Em can definitely transform you!

Nik G, Melbourne

Em is so inspiring and her absolute passion for living a healthy lifestyle is infectious. Her enthusiasm rubs off and makes you want to better yourself. She’s full of knowledge and is so supportive to talk to.

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I understand how frustrating finding health can be. That is why I have dedicated my clinic to helping people overcome emotional eating and tap into the healing power of plantbased foods.

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