Am I An Emotional Eater?

Emotional stress can manifest in many ways and trigger some of us to lean on the pleasurable experience of food instead of dealing with the uncomfortable feelings humming underneath. If you use food to avoid, comfort or cope with hard emotions or your daily stress, you may be a stress or emotional eater. Take the quiz to find out!







Emotional eating is classified as when you turn to food for comfort in times of stress, upset, or high anxiety. This may include snacking when upset, binge eating, mindless snacking, or eating in the evening all when not legitimately hungry. Does this sound like you? 
Yes - 1 point  | No - 0 point
Do you turn to food when you feel lonely or misunderstood even if you're not hungry? Do you often turn to food when you feel angry, sad or upset over something or at someone?
Yes - 1 point  | No - 0 point
Have you tried but failed to lose weight and keep it off. Do you struggle to stay on track with your weight management? Are you often on and off diets on a regular basis?
Yes - 1 point  | No - 0 point
Do you turn to food when you are feeling bored or restless? Do you notice you eat as a distraction, or use food as a source of pleasure, reward or way to celebrate?
Yes - 1 point  | No - 0 point
Do you constantly think about food, even after you just had a meal? Do you feel hungry all the time, even after meals?
Yes - 1 point  | No - 0 point
When you are cooking, do you often eat off the spoon, nibble the ingredients or snack? Do you often finish the food on your kid’s plates (even if you are not hungry)?
Yes - 1 point  | No - 0 point







Do you often feel unsatisfied after you eat? Do you eat more when you are tired than when you are well rested? Do you usually eat your food quickly and without really chewing it?
Yes - 1 point  | No - 0 point
Do you have strong cravings for specific foods that cannot be satisfied any other way other than giving into the craving? Does denying yourself the food you crave make you feel instantly irritable, angry or resentful?
Yes - 1 point  | No - 0 point
Do you eat when you are not hungry, just because food is there and on offer? Does snacking make you feel better in the moment but worse afterwards?
Yes - 1 point  | No - 0 point
Do you feel powerless and out of control, unable to control yourself around food? Do you hide your eating habits from family and friends, or often eating in private?
Yes - 1 point  | No - 0 point
Do you feel a lot of shame and regret after you eat too much? Do you feel ashamed of your eating habits and yourself because of your struggles with food?
Yes - 1 point  | No - 0 point
Has food become a source of comfort and like a friend to you? Do you have difficulty finding ways to cope with stress and anxiety, other than by eating?
Yes - 1 point  | No - 0 point

Make note of your points and let’s see if you have been using food as a tool to comfort yourself and de stress.

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