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Online Services and Health Clinic Wollongong, NSW

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In this health coaching session, “The Lifestyle Overhaul Over 40” you’ll uncover what obstacles have been holding you back from achieving your health goals.


On our Facebook messenger or phone call, we will assess your current lifestyle, health habits plus diet, and review your health history. After discussing the obstales you've currently been facing, we will outline the lifestyle changes and discuss recommendations you can use to start addressing your health concerns. This initial consult includes a 60 minute telephone consultation, over-the-phone assessment, and documented findings.


Your consult may include:


  • Initial Lifestyle + Health History Assessement 
  • Question and answer session related to your current health concerns
  • 3 Day Food Diary (PDF) + follow up evaluation
  • Discussion about next steps and outline of actions to take going forward
  • Detailed summary report to sum up the discussion and help you move forward


Let's work together and help you love the skin you're in again!


The Lifestyle Overhaul For Over 40s Consult


    Choose between Facebook messager or mobile phone call. Please have questions prepred in advance and a notepad for your allloted time slot. To maximise your time and experience the best service, it is highly recommended to book your consult at a quiet time to discuss matters away from work distractions, noisey backgrounds and of course, your kids. (I know its hard at times to fit things in).


    **Meal Plans, Fitness Programs and extended coaching services extra.