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The 3 Day "Love Your Body" Cleanse

The 3 Day "Love Your Body Cleanse eBook is brought to you by certified Personal Trainer and Fitness, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, Emma Lewis of Em Lewis Body & Lifestyle... 


Detox from the build-up of every day toxins with gentle food-based cleanse. The Ebook includes  all natural self care tips and a flexible meal plan with wholefood recipes. Follow the detox diet for 3 days to rebuild your gut health, detox from poor eating habits and reset your body for weight loss. Can be repeated over and over whenever you need a gentle cleanse for the body.


    The 3 Day "Love Your Body' Cleanse is delivered online and contains digital products. You will require Adobe Reader (or equivelant PDF reader) to view the download. 

  • Disclaimer

    Before starting any new health or diet program, consult your GP or Health Practitioner to see if the program is suitable for you.