Due to popular demand, for the first time ever I am releasing my Take Back Your Health Recipe Guide bursting with 56 mouthwatering ultra healthy recipes. Make quick, simple meals that nourish and keep you feeling naturally full and fabulous. Its time to take back your health again and love the skin you are in!



Sample the 56 recipes for the next 30 days and experience the differnce clean, wholesome eating can make for your overall health. Many clients who have followed this menu for the full 30 days have lost unwanted kilos, reduced bloating, improved IBS and other gut health issues. Eating wholesome foods helps boost energy, improves sleep and balances the appetitie. The menu is gentle and flexible for those who still eat meat or who wish to eat more plant based. Meat can easily be swapped for vegan alternatives in all recipes.




  • 18-pages Recipe Guide with over 56 super healthy recipes
  • 6-page comprehenisve Shopping Guide and tips
  • 4-page Healthy Eating On The Go tips and ideas
  • Created by certified Functional Food & Health Coach


This bundle has your weigth loss and healthy lifestyle shift totally covered! Download today and overhaul your pantry with goodness to kick off a fresh, healthy plan that is so simple you'd wish you had started earlier!


Take Back Your Health Meal Plan Printable Bundle


    This product contains digital files as a .zip file. You will also need Adobe Reader (or equivelant PDF reader) to view the download. If you expereince diffuculty, use the webiste Chat feature to message me.


    Before starting any new health or diet program, consult your GP or Health Practitioner to see if the program is suitable for you.

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I understand how frustrating finding health can be. That is why I have dedicated my clinic to helping people overcome emotional eating and tap into the healing power of plantbased foods.

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