Isn't it about time you let go of the struggle? No more trial and error. No more chasing the latest health fad or messing around with the hottest lose-weight-fast diet on Instagram. Liberate yourself and ditch the scales. Bin the shake programs. Stop scrolling and comparing yourself on Instagram! There is a far better way...


End the roller coaster of dieting and stress eating with the support of a Coach who has also been there. This is the perfect package to get you started on your health journey and help you get clarity on what needs to change in your life. During the 4 weeks (30 days) of private and confidential personal coaching discover the roadblocks in your way and crush them with proven strategies and practical advice from your Coach.


This Package Includes: 


  • 1 x 45-minute intake consultation/goal setting assessment
  • 4 x 45-minute phone consultations (one per week)
  • consultation notes/summary with weekly recommendations and goals
  • accountability check-ins via Facebook, Messenger, or Text Messages
  • unlimited support real time messeging via LiveChat or Messenger
  • 3 day Food + Mood Audit with written feedback and recommendations
  • detailed brief with new habits and recommended lifestyle changes
  • handouts, reflection exercises and workbooks as needed


What are you waiting for, isn't about time you did something just for you? Take back the control over your well-being with the support of a caring professional who can empower you lifestyle in practical, manageble ways to create the body you've been missing. This is the benefit of working with a Health Practitioner to achieve your health goals. We are experts in prescribing lifestyle habits, uncovering the nutritional needs for your unique body type and providing you with actionable steps to create the health and vitality your deserve. Let's work together...


*Meal Plans, Fitness Programs and extended coaching services extra.

Lifestyle Overhaul Health Coaching Package

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Session Format
  • Program runs for 4 consecutive weeks after the initiaing consultation. You have the option to choose between Facebook messager or mobile phone calls (FaceTime is optional).

    Please have your questions prepared in advance and a notepad handy for your sessions and allloted time slot. To maximise your time and experience the best service, it is highly recommended to book your consult at a quiet time of your day so we can discuss matters away from work distractions, noisey backgrounds and of course, your kids. (As a Mum of 5, I know its hard at times to fit things in!). 

    Included are digitial files releveant to your sessions and personal needs. You will need Adobe Reader (or equivelent) to open these files.

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