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Boosting your body with specific foods can help to keep your immune system going strong during cold and flu season. I've rounded up a simple but effective 5 Day Menu to help you stay strong and healthy during this shift of season. The menu can be repeated as often as you like; mix and match the suggestions, or come up with your own inspirations.




  • A beautiful full colour printable download
  • 5 Day Immune Boosting Menu
  • Created by certified Functionl Food Coach


For less than a cup of coffee you can get the immune boosting menu tired, worn out people are using to boost gut health, immunity and rejuvinate from stress. Can be used over and over. Share this link with your friends!


QUESTIONS? Just message me!


Immune Boosting 5 Day Diet PDF


    The 5 Day Power Diet is delivered online and is one page digital product. You will require Adobe Reader (or equivelant PDF reader) to view the download. 


    Before starting any new health or diet program, consult your GP or Health Practitioner to see if the program is suitable for you.