Train Smarter, Burn Fat Faster (Includes Mini Circuit Workout)

Updated: Jun 14

Try these tips to burn more fat and trainer smarter.

When you are struggling to lose weight it can be discouraging but with the right training and eating program, you can and will see results. What it comes down to is training smarter, not harder.

Train smarter, not harder. For those recovering from emotional eating, energy and will power can be in short supply. You might be tackling a lot of issues all at once and adding fitness to the to-do list can be a big ask. Yes, I understand how this feels. That's why short burst training can be an excellent way to get moving without needing a lot of drive or motivation.

Short burst exercises are performed in mini circuits but are very physically taxing on the body. You can smash out a highly effective fat-burning workout in a matter of minutes just with a few key moves and no equipment. This type of training is a good choice for those dealing with a lot on their plate but who still want to improve their fitness or burn fat. Its strategy I routinely prescribe as a stress release and non-food way to manage emotions instead of reaching for food. And it works!

Are you ready? You'll be feeling the burn in this mini circuit and hearing your fat cell cry with every round. No matter your fitness level, you can get a thorough workout from this routine as it uses all the big muscles in the legs and really engages your core. It's the maximum bang for your energy buck!

Unless you are only just post-pregnancy, or have rectus diastasis (separation of the abdominal muscles), this workout is safe for most people to try. Go at your pace, but do push yourself. The beauty of routines like this one, is that you can keep bumping up the intensity and duration of the routine to keep pushing the body to exhaustion. Add on more rounds. Do the circuit exercises for longer durations. Add a few more exercises to the sequence. Part of training smarter, is getting the most out of the time you have to work out!

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Melt My Jelly Belly Workout

Start by going through 2-3 sets of the following workout and see how you go. If it's too easy for you, aim for the challenger or advance rounds. What I love absolutely about interval routines like this one, is how quickly they build your overall fitness and see results. Keep bumping up your efforts every week or so to build your fitness quickly.

Beginner 1- 3 sets | Challenger 3-5 sets | Advanced 5-7 sets

2 mins rest between sets

1. High Knees

TIME: Perform for 30 seconds

This is an awesome warm up exercise and gets your heart pumping. From a standing position, alternate bring each knee to hip level. If you suffer joint issues, step as quickly as you can to perform the exercise. Otherwise, get a good jog-on-the-spot going as you alternate each knee. I like to have my bootcamp clients slap their knee each time the bring it upwards. Its satisfying can give you something aim for as you engage the hip flexors and bring your knee up to as close as hip height as possible. Slap the stress away!

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2. Alternating Lunges

TIME: Perform for 15 seconds

An excellent leg exercise that engages all the muscles of the lower body and your core. From standing, take a step forward with one leg and drop into the step until your knee is over your ankle. Hold a heart beat, then step back and switch. Get a rhythm alternating each leg into a lunge. Keep your core and posture in good form. You can add a hop to the move and explode from the lunge to alternate legs is you are agile and capable.

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3. The Burpee

TIME: Perform for 30 seconds

Here's your fat blaster move right Here! From standing, drop down to the ground into a push up position. Perform one push up (optional). Then, bring your knees to your chest by hoping forwards. From this crouch position, explode upwards in a fluid movement. Jump off the ground and land into a squat. Kick your legs out back into a pushup position and repeat.

For those that hate these, learn to love what it does for your body in such a short span of time. This move targets a large amount of muscles all in one hit and challenges your body in multiple ways.

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4. Mt Climbers

TIME: Perform for 30 seconds

Let's target those abs! Get into a pushup position with legs out behind you, weight on hands and toes. Bring one knee toward your chest (as high as you can go), then push it back and alternate with the opposite knee. Pick up speed as you go until you are in essence running on the spot while supporting your weight horizontal. To challenge this position, when you bring your knee to chest, twist your knee to the opposite side as you go giving an excellent core workout. Feel the burn!

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5. Repeat High Knees

TIME: Perform for 15 seconds

We are finishing the first set off with our all rounder, knee highs again. From a standing position, alternate bring each knee to hip level. Slap your knees as you bring them up to hip height. Hear that slap and go hard! Give it all you've got because this is the last exercise before your two minute rest.

The attempt this routine 2-7 times (sets) working to increase the number of sets you can do over a 2-3 week period to increase your fitness and burn more fat.

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The Full Circuit

Beginner 1- 3 sets | Challenger 3-5 sets | Advanced 5-7 sets

2 mins rest between sets

  • High Knees

  • Alternative Lunges

  • Burpee

  • Mt. Climbers

  • High Knees

Repeat for 2- 7 sets. Work to beat your personal best (PB) from the last time and continually increase the intensity to keep your body adapting. It is really beneficial and highly motivating to track your progress on a chart or fitness journal. get my New You Health Pak printables here.

In between each set of exercises, be sure to rest for a full 2 minutes, have a few small sips of water while you let your heart rate drop. If you are tracking your heart rate, keep an eye on the time to takes to drop into normal range. This can help you measure your fitness by how quickly your body responds and returns to its normal rhythms.

Ok, no more resting! Get back into it with a second round and repeat this sequence as many times as you are able. Track your results so you can time and beat your PB (personal best) next time.

Wishing you health + happiness,

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