The Secret To Real Lasting Weight Loss You Need To Hear

I hear this compliment a lot on my practice. In fact, it is probably the number one issue people have when they seek my support. Weight loss. You're sick and tired of being sick and tired, and this time you are determined on losing weight. And for good. Well, grab a metabolism boosting green tea and a notepad because I've put together a little beginner's guide to help make sure that you are one of the few that actually ends up being successful at this. have a read, make notes and let's make it work for you this time!

Where You Are Now

If you want to drive to Melbourne from Brissy, you need know where in Brisbane you are driving from, don't you? Google maps always asks for your current location to plan in your journey. Well, your weight loss journey is no different! In order to start, you need to know where you are and where you want to go. Many people just start on a diet or weight loss program without knowing exactly where they are from the start. This is dangerous because along the way there WILL be numerous times where you will be tempted to simply quit altogether.

Without knowing where you started, you won't be able to accurately gauge your progress. Not being able to track your progress puts you at extreme high risk of quitting down the road when the going gets tough. And it will get tough, bank on it. If you hop to my shop, you'll find my New You Health & Fitness pak. It's a full printable set that will help you track your progress and plan your journey. Enter coupon code: success2020 for reading this post and get it for free. When you have a record of where you are starting from, you need to decide where you want to go...

What's The Main Goal?

You are ready to start the journey, weight loss will be yours this time! You've filled in your body measurements on your New You Health pak, and are ready to lose, lose, lose those unwanted kilos. Now it is time to chart your course and get real specific, and set some realistic goals for your weight loss. I highly recommend you write these down somewhere or tack them up on post-it notes where you can see them daily.

Sadly, a goal without a plan, is just a dream. Own your future success with a clear and concise goal, and road map to get there.

Not setting a tangible goal, is one of the most ill-executed steps in the entire process of losing weight. Most people will passively chirp they need to lose 10 kilos or fit a size 8 dress again, but stating what you "hope" to lose, isn't a plan. It is a dream. An idea. It is just smoke, really. And the exact WRONG way to go about lasting, long term weight loss.

It's just a hope. A wish. A momentary desire. And none of this creates a slimmer, healthier body!

What you actually really need are detailed, definitive goals that are written somewhere and slapped with a time stamp. For example, you are giving yourself the next 3 months to lose 10 kilos and you are going to do it using these tactics, (x, y, z), so that on the 31 of January 2020 you fit that dress,or have lost those 10 kilos. To be effective, you need to hold yourself fully accountable to follow through on what you said you were going to do by the time you said you were going to do it.

What Actions Will Get Your There?

You need a method to your weight loss madness. When I work with clients, we hammer this out together, but you can plan it on your own as well. You will need to choose a weight loss plan that leads you step-by-step through what to eat (and what not to eat), how and when to exercise, including what will expedite and bulletproof your results. The reason for this is that goals have a much better chance of becoming reality when they are part of a plan or proven system of action.

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The Time To Start, Is Right Now

Most of us know how to lose weight. Eat well, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep and repeat. However, what separates the weight loss achievers from the unsuccessful is actions. The success is in the doing. Those small daily actions you take each day add up quickly, so make a plan and execute it! Don't procrastinate or wait for the ideal time to start, just get going with right now, today. The sooner you start, the sooner you'll be see results and meet your goal(s).

It's Going To Challenge You, Expect It

How many diets have you tried? How many bootcamps or gyms have you joined over the years. At some stage or another, these things worked for you. Nearly everyone who has tried to lose weight has had some level of success at one time or another. The secret sauce for success being resilient when you motivation wans, things to too busy or too much of a bother. It is inevitable that the kids will get sick so you miss out on gym time; the school holidays interfere with your meal planning efforts and hubby goes on a pizza, wine binge and drags you down with him. Falling off, being resilient and getting right back up on the weight loss bandwagon is as much a part of your journey as eating clean, regular workouts and a good night's sleep.

I will be honest with you. Losing weight is very simple, but not always easy. If it were, there wouldn't be so many people trying to get it right, and weight loss companies wouldn't be so rich, right! The secret sauce for success, as I mentioned, is sailing through the setbacks and getting back at it. No self judgements. No shaming, just start again.

You might feel frustration at time that you're not getting any noticable results. A week later, you may actually feel that you are even pedaling backwards. But I assure you, you are not. As long as you consistently follow the map, your weight loss plan, you will ALWAYS advance forward, even if it does not feel like it.

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Don't Stop Until The Finish Line

Imagine running a 100 metre sprint race. On your marks, get set, go! You're off and running, passing your colleagues with ease, but then you suddenly begin to get tired so you sit down. Too hard basket. Everyone is passing you, sprinting hard to finish line. Bah, it's a lost cause now, you tell yourself. Sometimes people hit a snag in their efforts to lose weight, and then get discouraged a portion of the way through. Maybe it has begun to feel like all your efforts have been for nothing, so it's easier to pull out of the race. To quit.

Don't do this! Don't give up. Don't listen to that lazy, negative self talk.

I know it can be so hard, especially if you don't feel supported in your health goals. But there was a specific reason that you set your initial weight loss goal. There was a strong desire to do this, achieve the goal and experience whatever it was losing weight was going gift you. Maybe it was to wear your swimmers this summer, so for once, you could enjoy the beach or the pool with your kids. Perhaps it was to resolve a weight related health problem and so you could be around another year or get out of your bed and live a little. Maybe you wanted to look good on your wedding day, or just wanted to start feeling good in your skin again and stop the negative body shaming voice in your head once and for all!

Don't quit. Don't sell yourself short and sabotage your efforts so far by settling for anything less than your desired result. Revisit that written goal; re-read it. Read it again. Close your eyes and remind yourself why you started in the first place. The joy of flocking in the waves with baby Daniel and lil Sarah without being self conscious. The freedom of good health to travel or try new things your poor health kept you from trying. The happiness of feeling your best on your wedding day in your dream dress or squashing that poo self talk with a healthier, happier slimmer you! Stick it out until the very end, no matter the obstacles. They are temporary distractions, and if you approach them that way, you will be unstoppable.

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Own Your Success Like A Boss

Once you achieve your goal, fully own it. Don't let anything or anyone come in the way of maintaining all your hard work. This is the last and final challenge in the journey to achieving your weight loss goal, and over the long term. Make sure not to allow yourself to relapse while you are in the maintenance phases. When I coach people, I alway recommend they take their weight loss plan and make the manual of their new normal. Staying true to the same general principles that helped you lose the weight, will help you maintain it. That way, you can occasionally indulging in some of the foods that you love without stuffing up your efforts to date. Balance is the best way to keep the body that you've worked so hard for and to fall into the destructive feelings of deprivation.

Make a pact with yourself that this the last time that you will EVER have to go through a the efforts of weight loss program. Reward yourself for how far you have come and be damn proud. Tack a photo of your former self (along with you now) on the fridge or somewhere it can trigger you. Every time you look at the difference your hard work created for you, be proud, Be grateful. Be strong. Remember that if you can just get it right one time, you can literally maintain it forever with little effort.

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