The 'Creating New Habits' 7 Day Challenge: Wrap Up

Updated: 7 days ago

The 'Creating New Habits' 7 Day Challenge: Wrap Up

All week we discussed how to create new health habits to bring about the positive change you need in your life right now. By far adding the new habit to part of your existing daily routines is a simplest way to help the new behaviors really stick. Today we are going to wrap up this challenge with a few last minute reminders and habit creating tips for success.

The 'Creating New Habits' 7 Day Challenge

New here? Welcome to the Blog Challenge series, where we challenge ourselves once a month to improve our health or lifestyle in some way. If you are new to following my Blog Challenge series, it's super easy peasy to participate. Just tune into the blog each day through the website or my app and follow along. Read the challenge post with a journal or pretty notebook handy. Write down any "ah-ha moments", ideas or inspiration and follow the prompts to complete the challenge. I highly recommend using a pretty journal for this.

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Too Busy to Create A Healthier Habits?

Let's kick aside the excuses and create some real lasting change today! After a week of learning about how to create change, you should have begun to chase your desired new habits and have even taste a bit of success. To help you on your way in the coming weeks (when you're motivation will be really challenged) here's my last tips:

1. Make The Changes Bite-sized

You don't have to completely revamp your lifestyle overnight. In fact, with your family commitments, work schedule and other things going on, you may never be able to achieve your ideal lifestyle. It's important to remember that you don't have to become one of those people who goes to the gym at 5am every morning and manages to drink enough water throughout the day. Start with simple changes, such as eating a healthier breakfast or taking the stairs up to the office. Smaller really is better than nothing, honestly!

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2. Find A Trusted Buddy

Rather than trying to make a change on your own, find somebody to do it with you. This could be your partner, your best friend, a neighbor or the entire family. When you are all making lifestyle changes together, it's not only easier to stick to it, but also to get the support that you need during tough times.

3. It's Not Just About Physical Health

Living a healthier lifestyle isn't just all about losing weight, exercising more and eating better foods. It's also about your heartspace and mental health, so be sure to think about ways in which to improve this too. You may want to spend 15-minutes after dinner or first thing in the morning to meditate or to journal each day. Maybe becoming more social and having a few coffee dates with new friends twice a week is your chosen new habit. Everyone can prioritise a minimum of 10-minutes a day for self-care, and you really must if you’re feeling frazzled. The rest will follow.

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4. If You Don't Succeed, Try Again!

Starting a new diet on Monday might seem like a great idea, but if you're feeling like giving up by the time you get to Wednesday, don't fret. Allow yourself time to ease into your desired new habits and a healthier lifestyle. It won't happen overnight, bit it will happen. Be patient with yourself.

If you fall off the wagon, don't dwell on it. Get back up and start again. The skill of forming new habits is something that once you master it, you'll be empowered to do for the rest of your life – it's not a short term fix. Be realistic with the timeframe you are giving yourself and the effort you are putting in.

And remember, it takes over 21 days to make a new habit, longer if you truly want to make it stick. Your motivation will waver over time, especially when it things get uncomfortable or too hard. Break it down into small, bite-size pieces, attach the new habit to existing routines and just keep it at it. You got this!

Shhh! This is a 7 day challenge right? So be sure to tune in tomorrow when I will be sharing a freebie Habit Tracker to seal in your success! See you then!

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