The Ancient Energy Infused Water You Just Have To Try This Week

Hey health seekers! I know you are all probably aware how important water is every day, but the ancient practise of infusing your water with the healing power of crystals and vitamin-rich fruits, herbs and veggies can take your consumption next level!

Infused water provides many health benefits and can help you boost your mood, overall wellbeing, burn more fat and help you lose weight faster. Today, I've round up an intro to the ancient practice of crystal water and also a quick how-to on making infused water to reap the most health benefits.

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Take Your Water Intake Next Level

Ancient Egyptians, Indian and Romans used the healing power of crystals to make powerful elixirs, known as "the elixir of life". Crystals and gemstones used has been tracked back to many ancient civilizations, where shamen and every day people used crystal-infused water for thousands of years to promote spiritual and physical wellness.

Adding healing crystals to your water nurtures all the chakras or your inner chi (depending on the stones chosen) with healing energy to rock each day with a secret pep in your step. There are heaps of these bottles around but I love this beautiful crystal carrier that also includes a removable tea infuser and strainer. Yes, make magical crystal-infused herbal tea wherever you go! Just insert your favorite loose tea for a bump in caffeine levels and positive vibrations. Ahhhhh, that’s the good stuff!

Get the NOVA Rose Quartz Infuser here or the Nova Amethyst Infuser here. My other fave, the Stone Valley Infuser with a natural wood finish, get yours here.

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Infused Water Tips

Whether you choose to use crystals or not, adding fruits, vegetables, and herbs to your water, lets these ingredients flavour the water and infuse your bottle with all natural and essential vitamins and trace minerals. Infused water is so easy peasy to do, but there are a few things you should know first. Here are some things to keep in mind to make the most of your efforts.

The first thing you should know about making infused water is that filtered water is always better. Filtered water is cleaner, so this is really going to improve the overall quality and flavour of your infused water.

Since not everyone has access to enough filtered water to fill infused water pitchers every time, tap water is okay when necessary, but do try to get filtered water if at all possible. You can also boil the kettle, let it cool and use that as well. I like to use mineral water as well which has traces of calcium. It makes a lovely mocktail for those that don't drink alcohol but want to still be festive during the holidays.

When choosing your water, you should only use room temperature or cold water unless you are making lemon water. It is best to void warm or hot water as this can cause the fresh produce to fall apart and in some cases, reduce the nutritional value.

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Choose Organic When Possible

If you follow any of these tips, always choose organic fruits and vegetables. These can often be found in the produce of your supermarket, but a better option might be to get them from a weekend farmer’s market, or contacting local farmers directly. This allows you to get fresh fruits and veggies that you know were grown locally without added fertilizers and other chemicals.

Organic produce does tend to provide a better flavor for infused water as well. However, the most important part is having healthy water with your favourite fruits and veggies, so if you can’t afford or find organic produce, just be sure to wash and rinse all ingredients well before adding to your bottle.

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How to Prep the Ingredients

After you select the ingredients you want to use for your infused water, it is important to prep them before adding them to your water bottle.

As mentioned above, always rinse all fruit and vegetables to make sure no chemicals residue is left on them. Even if you bought them organic, it is still a good idea to rinse them and make sure they are super clean.

If you are using herbs, it is best to crush them with a muddler since this will help to release the natural oils in things like lavender, rosemary, or thyme. The exception is when the herb is delicate and leafy, such as with mint, lemon balm or basil.

Most fruits and vegetables need to be cut at least in half before being put in the pitcher so that they can release the flavour from the flesh and skin. Hard fruits and vegetables such as cucumber and apples are best cut into thin slices since they can take longer to release flavor to the water.

With berries and fleshy fruits such as mango, lychee, melon, you can just add straight to the bottle. Citrus fruits contain much of the goodness and health benefits in the pith and rind. Go here to learn how to prep lemon and other citrus for the full benefits.

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What to Make Your Infused Water In

By this point, you are ready to start putting your infused water together. Before you add in the water, make sure you have the right container. While you can technically use anything, a glass pitcher is usually recommended. Many plastic pitchers are not ideal and won’t keep the water as fresh. If you are using citrus, be warned. Despite being very alkaline once consumed in the body, the natural juices of lemon, grapefruit and limes are acidic and can eat through the plastic and make a toxic soup you definitely wouldn't want to drink. So always use glass such a mason jar (I get mine for pennies at Kmart, go here) or proper glass, drink bottle.

There are also fancy drink dispensers like these from Kmart or other drink dispensers made especially for infusing. Typically infuser bottles, will have a long and narrow section in the middle where you put your herbs and fruit, with holes or slots so the flavor can be released. You can use these, but they aren’t necessary. I just use plain old mason jars unless I am enjoying my crystal water bottles.

How Long to Soak the Produce?

When making infused water, you will add the produce and herbs first, then add your room temperature or cold water on top. You then want to let the water infuse so that you can get good flavors and nutrients from the fruits and vegetables being used. If you are leaving it out on the counter, this is usually done in about 2 hours. Otherwise, wait 4-6 hours if keeping it in the refrigerator for the infusing process. If you leave it overnight, it will be super flavorful.

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How Long Will It Last?

The ideal time to drink infused water is within 24-48 hours after the infusing process is complete. It is usually best to drink it the same day, but at least try to drink it within the first couple days. Waiting 3 days is okay, but don’t leave it for longer than that. Make sure you are not leaving the fruits and vegetables in the water for this long though. They should be removed and only the water should remain in the pitcher for this long. Citrus fruits will remain fresher for longer, while melons are going to get soft and mushy quickly.

Also keep in mind that if you drink the infused water the same day, you can usually refill it 2-3 times with the produce in the pitcher or cup and still get good flavor from it.

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Well, that summarises making infused water and the health benefits. It is so easy and fun to get the kids involved to help them keep hydrated as well.

Put it into action. ...what are you going to try from this article?

Wishing you health + happiness,

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