Sugar-free Desserts That Taste Too Good To Be True

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If you think overcoming emotional eating means you now have to deprive yourself the rest of your life, think again. I've rounded up the most delicious healthy desserts so you can still indulge now and again guilt-free. Which one will you try first?

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1. Coconut Yogurt Berry Dessert Cup

Natalie Myskow's Coconut Yogurt Berry Dessert Cup

Sometimes a deliciously healthy dessert does not need to be fancy. Take this vegan yogurt cup by Natalie Myskow made with coconut yogurt and fresh in-season fruit. So simple and quick yet busting with the tang of naturally sweet berries and fresh fruit. I liek to stir a 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein powder into my coyo to boost the insulin leveling effects protein has on the blood sugar. A sprinkle of crushed, activated nuts is another way to make this sweet treat a super healthy choice. Try this instead of sugary ice cream!

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2. Sugar-free Apple Crisp

I grew up making homemade apple crisp with freshly picked apples right off the backyard tree. I can just taste the cinnamon flavoured crumble now. Apples are a good source of antioxidants, vitamins, dietary fibre, and a safe fruit option for diabetics. In this gluten-free and refined sugar-free apple crisp recipe, foodie blogger Magean of Purely Flourish, shares what she calls, ". . a little bit of sweet, a little bit of salty, and a whole lot of goodness," in her version of crumble. I am betting it'll fast become a favourite.

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3. Sugar-free Keto Cheesecake

Think you can't ever enjoy cheesecake again once you leave stress eating in the dust, think again. Maya Krampf, foodie blogger of Wholesome Yum has made this too-good to be true sugar-free cheesecake that is keto-friendly. It is a gluten-free, low carb recipe that requires only 8 ingredients to make.

As a sugar substitute for sweetness, Maya uses erythritol but I swap it with a drop or two of stevia for a healthier alternative. With erythritol, there is no change in blood sugar or insulin levels. However, it's side effects typically include digestive problems and diarrhea. It may also cause bloating, cramps, and gas. Stevia I find is much more gentle and derived from a plant in the mint family. Either way, add this recipe to your healthy dessert list.

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4. Vegan Yogurt Bark

Chocolate may have been your weakness before leaving binge eating in your dust, but this ridiculously simple and tasty chochy substitute may very well become one of your new favourites. You can make it with vegan yogurt or Greek, and as fellow foodie blogger, Emily Meyer demonstrates here on IG, the toppings can be fresh fruit or just about anything really. I've made it with crushed nuts, seeds, dried fruit and fresh. Pop the tray in freezer and BAM you've got a super healthy dessert for just about any occasion.

By the way, I personally like to add a dash of Lee Holme's Love Your Guts powder to this recipe and really boost digestion. As with all these treats, stick to good portion control and only enjoy one biscuit, or a half serving to give yourself a taste without overdoing it.

5. Chocolate Avocado Keto Cookies

This keto-friendly chocolate cookie needs only 5 ingredients to create a guiltless treat with only 5g of net carbs per cookie! Low carb blogger Carine of Sweet As Honey has combined the healthy fat and fibre of avocado with the protein of egg and nut butter to make a gut friendly cookie that not only feeds the gut, it also helps balance blood sugar levels as compared to a regular chochy cookie.

When I tried her recipe, I used raw cacao instead of cocoa and made my own nut butter. I also like to add a dash of Lee Holme's Love Your Guts powder to the recipe and really boost digestion. As with all these treats, stick to good portion control and only enjoy one biscuit, or a half serving to give yourself a taste without overdoing it.

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6. No-Bake Healthy Chocolate Silk Pie

If you have worked with me, you know I am fiercely anti-diet and prefer to find healthy swaps for junk food favourites. Deprivation in my experience just leads to binges and negative spirals. So if you thought chocolate cakes were a thing of the past, here's a recipe you'll want to steal and make right now. This no-bake mousse-like pie is divine and a gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan recipe with a refined sugar free option! 

Food enthusiast, Laura of Joy Food Sunshine has created a silky smooth chocolate dessert you just won't believe could be good for you. Just remember, portion control is everything; have small slice but girl. savour every mouthful!

7. Chocolate Keto Ice Cream

I might be a very anti-diet Health Practitioner, but I sure wasn't going to deny you chocolate ice cream! I just insist it be made with wholesome, healthy ingredients. I've made many vegan ice cream recipes using bananas, but never avocado so I was excited to give this one a go.

Avos are a superfood packed with essential dietary fibre and essential nutrients such as potassium, which helps promote healthy digestive function. And in this recipe, Carine of Sweet As Honey has done it again giving us this super creamy keto chocolate ice cream that is 100% dairy-free made with almond and coconut milk. My only tweeks to her recipe is to use pure, raw cacao in place of cocoa, avoid xylitol and erythritol and use stevia drops or the granules instead. Finally make sure the coconut milk you choose is organic. View Carine's ice cream recipe here.

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8. Vegan Cherry Yogurt Bowl

You may have been a fan of cherry swirl ice cream in the past, but now let me introduce you to a healthier way to indulge with this cherry yogurt bowl by Meera of Dumbbells & Oats on IG.

You can still enjoy the combination of vanilla and cherries, but without all the excess sugar. Use Greek or vegan yogurt and make a simple cherry sauce by blending a few thawed cherries, a splash of stevia and vanilla extract. Heat in a saucepan with a natural thickener such as 1/2 teaspoon of cornstarch to acheive a thick sauce and drizzle through the yogurt. You can even try freezing this recipe for an ice cream version. Recreate Meera's recipe with a few fresh cherries, chocolate granola. Click here for the recipe.

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9. Chocolate Covered Banana Pops

Who would've thought bananas could be a hot dessert item, but the naturally sweet, high-fibre fruit make a super healthy filling for many dessert recipes. Alternatively, you can try them like this as a raw chocolate or yogurt covered "pop". I've tried both and each works well with a few tweaks to mix up the flavour. I always use raw cacao instead of cocoa and spice it up with a pinch of metabolism revving cinnamon. Give this treat a go with Amy's delish chochy covered banana pops and see what creations you can try.

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Which one of these was your favourite?

Did you boldy make your own version substituting a few healthy food items on your own? I'd love to hear about it. Comment and share below.

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