How To Be Your Happiest Self & Find Your Joy in 2020

Updated: Feb 8

Are you living life at your happiest? As the year 2019 winds down to a closed chapter, its an opportunity to assess what worked well and where you need to make some positive changes.

There are varying opinions about joy, gratitude and overall contentment, and the ability--despite one's circumstances--to choose happiness. Naturally, there are certain conditions that do affect one's ability to choose to be happy, such as depression and other mood disorders. Some people also have difficulty controlling their emotions, but that's a self regulation skill that can be learned with practice.

Choosing to be happy may seem challenging for some, but there are things you can do to increase your level of success. But before jumping right in and learning ways to increase happiness, you need to learn about conditions that may make it difficult to will yourself to be happy.

Depression and other mood disorders, autism, ADHD, PTSD, a disability, grief, or poverty make choosing to be happy more challenging. If you are dealing with any of these issues, there are still practical ways you can increase your happiness, but it may be more difficult outside support or therapies. Keep in mind that change takes time, but it is achievable.

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Find Your Inner Joy

Finding joy is more than just willing yourself to feel happy. Part of it is thinking positively and thinking happy thoughts, but there are also more practical ways to make yourself happier. Studies have identified several factors of happiness: social relationships, temperament or your ability to adapt, money, society and culture, and positive thinking styles. Temperament is partly genetic, but it can still be improved with practice. Below you will learn about some things that you can do in each area to make yourself happy.

Social Relationships

When we feel connected and a place of belonging, we are naturally more relaxed and happier. If this is a weak spot for you, consider trying these suggestions in the New Year.

  • Improve your current perosnal relationships by reaching out more often, opening lines of communication about past negative experiences, forgiving or seeking forgiveness, or making more time for your friends and family.

  • Make an effort to make new friends and surround yourself with positive vibes only. Take on a new hobby, take a class, join a club, or go to different places in order to meet new people and change up the ordinary. You can also reach out to others online through social media, interest groups or even dating apps. Don't be afraid to talk to new people and meet up with people you get along with.

  • Invite friends and family members out for lunch, shopping, or have them over for coffee. Reach out to those who inspire you, boost your mood, or are achieving the things you would like to achieve in life.

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Lift Your Self Regulation Game

Part of being more happy within yourself is learning what warrants a reaction and your energy. If you are someone who upsets easily or takes offence, it might be time to self examine those triggers and learn to self regulate. We all have feelings but if yours are constantly feeling trample don, its time to make a shift. Shed those negative influences and people, replace them with upbeat, positive influences and friendship circles who build you up.

  • Practice pausing before you react to something. This is gold! Breathe. Give yourself a moment to get your emotions in check so that you respond in the way that you really want to rather than having an outburst. Ask yourself what the core issue is and express your feelings in positive ways.

  • Learn deep breathing techniques. Our breath is so powerful. Breathe deep and mutter to yourself, "I'm ok. I am doing the best I can in this moment." This is so very empowering because it gives you the ability to see your upset as a fleeting moment, not the end of the world. In a few minutes you may, and can, feel differently.

  • Try to be more open to other people's ideas and practice letting go of your need to control. There is no one set in stone way to do life. Be open and learn from those around you. Allow yourself to see the world through different lenses and be inspired in ways you never considered before!

Invite Prosperity Into Your Life

Money is the root of all evil. Is that one of your core beliefs? It is for many people and prevents them from achieving success in life. Money is a necessity but it does not need to be a dirty word for you anymore. Cleanse your belief system around finances and ring in the New Year on a prosperous high. Here's how:

  • If you are struggling financially, set your intention and increase your income by finding a new job, asking for a raise, or taking on a second job. These days through social media there are countless opportunities that will tap into your interests such as healthy living, beauty, and other business opportunities.

  • Be the best you, you can be. Go chase that degree you've been putting off. Take online courses in your field of work or interest and feed your brain as you improve your skill set. When you improve your education it gifts you the ability to can find better paying jobs and career paths.

  • Look for things you can do to earn a passive income. I mentioned this above and fully stand behind the modern business of social selling and marketing. Opportunity abounds with hundreds of ways to earn money from a little side hustle.

  • Pay off debt or avoid taking on debt to lighten the load and your stress. It is worth visiting an accountant or budget advisor to free yourself from the stranglehold debt can have over you. Imagine life without debt, all the stress and worry!

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Expand Your Horizons

Life is meant to be lived, so if you a have never left the country or state, NOW is the time to fly! When you travel, even locally, you meet so many amazing and wonderful people along the way. Some, as I have experienced being s world traveler, become lifelong friends.

  • Embrace the local culture and society and invite more positive influences into your life. Learn, explore, and enjoy your environment and the people you share it with in 2020.

  • Don't be afraid to change your environment or seek change in your current one. Do what you can to be a positive influence to others is a great place to start. Stand up for what you believe in and speak out against social injustice. get passionate and start a blog, themed social media account to connect with other like-minded individuals.

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Be A Ray Of Sunshine

Sometimes if you can't find it, you need to become it. If you truly want to shift your mood, it may be a case of faking it until you feel it. Step into those positive shoes and go through the actions of happier person. In most cases, you'll quickly shift from negativity and love the person you are becoming if you give it a chance.

  • Do you use use affirmations or proclamations? Choosing a positive mantra has been proven to shift your attitude and self talk. Pick some that resonate and repeat it several times a day.

  • Keep a gratitude journal or make a list of things you're grateful for. This is huge at shifting from self doubt, sadness and worry. Documenting all the good in your life is a powerful way to combat depression. When you see the good on paper it can help you shift from a space of lack to a space of joy

  • Make sure you're not practicing negative self talk, and if you are, change your inner monologue.

  • Laugh more. Laughter is contagious so either surround yourself with those happy souls that lift your mood or BE the one who lifts up others. Watch comedies and do other things that will make you laugh more

  • Practice smiling even when you don't feel like it. Its incredible how this work, people just naturally become happier when smiling. As you go about your day today, smile at EVERYONE and watch what happens, not just in how you feel but how it affects others. This simple act can be absolutely life changing!

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Happiness is enjoying the little things in life and being grateful to be alive. And it is definitely easier than you think if you are open to change.

You can choose to be happy, but it's more than just saying “I'm happy”. Choosing to be happy is about figuring out what will genuinely brings you joy and then making a decision to take action to achieve your desire. This usually starts by focusing on the good in your life, and having the courage to make changes in your life that will lead you to more happiness. You have options and you can choose to be happy.

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