How To Go Plant-based Right Now (Includes Sample Menu)

Updated: May 3

Hey Wholesome seekers! If you have followed me for awhile, you know I am a strong advocate of turning to a plant-based diet to heal and nourish the body. Lots of people are doing this temporarily, but more and more, health seekers are making this a permanent lifestyle change rather than just dietary.

The proof of the plant-based trend is in the 25+ million search tags on Instagram and ever growing searches on Google and Pinterest. Countless products are flooding the marketplace in support of the demand for eco and vegan-friendly options to meals, makeup and every day products. One of my longtime favourites is certified vegan Arbonne, who base their range on botanically sourced ingredients. With companies like these, it makes the transition easier than it has ever been to adopt this way of life.

Today, I am sharing with you how you can begin a plant-based lifestyle right now. It is seriously way easier than you think and offers so many proven health benefits. Eating primarily plants and no animal products, has been shown to lower body mass indexes (BMIs) compared to those who are omnivore. Research has also shown that people who maintain a plant based or vegetarian style diet lose weight more successfully, and not only that, but also at keep it off!

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Ready, Set, Kale!

If the thought of crunchy kale at every meal, has been a deterrent for going plant-based, grab a matcha green tea and read on. Yes, eating more greens is required, but it is essential whether you adopt a plant-based diet or not. We should ALL be getting at least 5 servings of veggies per day, but because leafy greens like kale or spinach aren't very dense, it actually takes 2 or more cups of raw greens to equal the nutritional equivalent of a 1 cup serving of vegetables. (This includes sturdier leafy greens such as kale, chard, collards, and bok choy).

When on a primarily plant-based diet plan, you will naturally consume more veggies, nuts, seeds and fruit. And I am here to show you just how easy it really is. So go grab a pen and paper (or print this off) as I am going to give a 7 Day Plant-based Meal Plan you can get started on this week! No excuses, right!

What to Eat, Limit, & Avoid

Adding more fresh veggies to your diet has many health benefits.

For many who go plant-based it is initially to detox and heal the gut, but increasingly, people are ending up adopting this way of eating because the body responds so well to a diet made up of primarily plants. Let's see what you will need to eat if you try this dietary lifestyle.

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What to Eat and Drink

  • Load up on fresh, high fibre veggies such as arugula, broccoli, capsicums, celery, collard greens, green beans, kale, snap peas, spinach, Swiss chard, and sweet potatoes.

  • Choose fruits such as apple, avocado, green bananas, all types of berries, citrus fruits, kiwi, red or green grapes, melons, and stone fruits.

  • Be choosy with high fibre, wholesome grains such as brown rice, farro, quinoa, and and eliminate or limit breads to ancient sprouted grain bread and whole grain or veggie pasta.

  • Nuts such as almond, cashew, walnuts that have been activated.

  • Add nutrient dense seeds such as chia, hemp, or ground flax, sesame, poppy.

  • Beans and lentils such as black and green beans, cannellini, kidney, lima, mung, navy, plus chickpeas and soybeans.

  • Coffee if black with no flavourings, sugars or milk.

  • Black tea including all herbal varieties, green and matcha.

  • Lemon and infused waters.

  • Nutritional supports such as Fizzsticks, Mind Health, Spirulina

A wholefoods diet focused on the above will provide your body with all the nutrients you need for optimum health. Yes, you absolutely CAN get enough protein and nutrients without animal products!

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Foods & Drink to Limit (or Avoid Altogether)

Get your plants on with this elimination list to help you get started.

Going plant-based shouldn't be hard. It is a process and journey, so go easy and do what works for you. If going full tilt is your style, omit all of the following food items. If you know you'll struggle with some elimination, go a little easier and gradually make positive changes. Once they become habit and your new normal, look at removing more.

When I am coaching people on easing into this lifestyle, I often suggest they slowly eliminate 3-5 items from this list and keep removing 1-3 items every few days or week depending on how ambitious they want to be about it. Keep removing items and swapping the food stuff with plant-based versions and substitutes.

Foods & Drink to Limit (or Avoid Altogether)

  • All dairy products including milk, butter, yoghurt, cheese etc.

  • All animal meat and/or products

  • Other animal products such as eggs, seafood etc if you wish to follow a strict vegan diet.

  • Highly processed foods such a white bread, cakes, pastries, chips, pre-packaged snacks, fast food and frozen, prep-made meals.

  • Sweets such as lollies, milk chocolate, cakes, commercial snack and protein bars

  • Sweetened beverages, such as colas, energy drinks, soda, and commercial fruit juice

  • Deep fried, greasy foods found at fast food restaurants

  • Sugar (yes it is everywhere!)

Think about how you can switch your diet to follow these general guidelines. What healthy swaps can you make this week? Where can you make better choices?

Plant-based is not hard, but it does require some thought into your menu and meal planning. This is especially true if you are totally new to consuming a large amount of fresh fruits and veggies. Going from a poor diet of sugary, overly processed foods can feel like a big undertaking but the rewards far outweigh the effort to make the shift.

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A 7-Day Simple Plant-Based Menu

You can still eat delicious, tasty foods while on a plantbased menu.

Ready to kick start your new plantbased lifestyle? Or maybe you just want to sample things. Either way, here's a sample weekly meal plan for you to try with plant based recipe ideas.

Plant-Based Menu - Day 1

I always suggest to clients that they up their water intake while undertaking this 7 day diet plan. For many, the increased in dietary fibre can be a little shock to the body, so keeping fully hydrated goes a long way in supporting good gut health and digestion while transitioning. You can find heaps of tasty infused water recipes here to help you drink more water.

Plant-Based Menu - Day 2

Detox naturally with fresh ingredients from plant sources.

Welcome to Day 2! How did you go yesterday? Was it as hard as you first thought? Today, continue on with these delicious recipe ideas:

Remember to keep your water intake up and if you like, start sampling herbal teas. Many teas support gut function and aid digestion in addition to helping you stay hydrated. Some of my favourite to recommend are green tea, peppermint, chamomile, lavender, licorice, and dandelion.

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Plant-Based Menu - Day 3

Being prepared is the key to your success going plant based.

Welcome to Day 3! How are you transitioning? Have you begin to notice where you can make small swaps to reduce your meat intake and swap foods out with plants? If not, you will by the end of this.

Keep your water intake up and experimenting with herbal teas to find some you really enjoy. If you have always drank colas and a few coffees a day, use green tea for a healthy and fat burning caffeine fix. Just drinking more water, especially homemade infused vitamin water, will help you with detoxing from sugar and excess caffeine.

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Plant-Based Menu - Day 4

Roasted veggies make a healthy lunch, dinner or entree.

Welcome to Day 4! Did you think you'd make it this far? As you may have noticed, adding more plants into your diet can be rather simple and filling. Even if it is taking you a bit to adjust, your body will be thanking you, so keep going!

Aim for 3 litres of water today, and yes that includes herbals teas. Start tracking how different your body feels now that you are a few days into this way of eating. What do you notice has shifted or changed? Has your skin started to clear up or bloating decrease? These are some of the things you can begin to look forward to on a plant-based diet.

Plant-Based Menu - Day 5

Adding more plants to your diet can help you lose weight.

Welcome to Day 5! How are you feeling so far? By now you should be experiencing some noticable health benefits. You may also be noticing how you can make some nutritional swaps to your old diet to consume more plants. Let's keep it going...

Are you drinking up to 3 litres of water per day? Keep going aiming to reach this goal each day. More water will help plump up your skin and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes and discoloured areas. Adequate hydration also affects your appetite and helps you eat less, and feel fuller for longer.

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Plant-Based Menu - Day 6

Plant-based foods are full of natural dietary fibre, phytonutrients and boost immunity.

Welcome to Day 6! Oh my goodness, we are almost finished our week fo plant-based meals. Did you know that upping your servings of plant-based foods can help you improve gut health and immunity. Most plant-based recipes and foods are easily digested and the nutrients absorbed better than traditional animal products. Let's keep going...

We are so close to the finish line. How has your body felt this week so far? What are you beginning to notice most? Keep a note of the changes as you go. It's a very interesting journey and a unique experience for each individual and their body.

Plant-Based Menu - Day 7

Oh my kale! You made it to Day 7! Here's your last days worth of yummy plant-based recipes to try. Do you think you can keep going? If you have enjoyed this, I recommend you repeat it again next week, only this time, switch up the recipes in an order that suits you.

Congratulations! You just competed a week of plant-based living!

I think it is really important at this point to look back at where you started and how you felt all week. What did you notice most? Many of my clients often comment that they were surprised how regular they become towards the end of the week. This is because plants provide a hearty serving of dietary fibre and are very gut-friendly. IBS symptoms and other digestive issues seemed less bothersome, while others report having more energy and less brain fog. What shifted most for you?

Moving Forward With A Plant-based Diet

If you want to repeat this menu and keep going forward towards a fully (or partia) plant-based lifestyle, you can simply run through the recipes again as posted, or mix them up with the ones you enjoyed most.

This menu plan is safe to repeat 1-3 times before I would suggest you add in new recipes, but the order is perfectly fine to switch up. if you would like some help with this, book a free 15-minute consult with me where we can discuss how to do this.

Put it into action ...which recipe(s) did you enjoy most?

Wishing you health + happiness,


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