Fat Burning & Metabolism Boosting Smoothies + Recipe

As a Health Coach, I am very anti-diet and prefer to focus more holistically on my clients' needs and goals. One of the ways I support people to better care for their body is by helping them introduce more whole foods into their diet. We do this week by week, swapping in healthier alternatives and becoming more conscious of food choices.

Certain foods have fat burning or metabolism boosting properties, and by adding them to your diet these foods can intensify your weight loss efforts. If you follow my Instagram, you know I am a bit of a smoothie bowl addict, and love to jam pack my blender with fresh, wholesome goodness. This is one of the simplest ways to boost your body's fat burning capabilities and deeply nourish at the same time.

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Fat Burning & Metabolism Boosting Ingredients

The secret to boosting your metabolism and increasing your body's fat burning capability is by adding smoothies to your weight loss plan and choosing key whole food ingredients.

You need a healthy balance of nutritionally dense foods, those naturally rich in dietary fibre, wholefood sourced fat, fibre-rich carbohydrates and clean protein. When you get this combo just right, the foods you eat actually help to rev the metabolism, support the body in better fat distribution and improve gut health, all of which has a direct affect on your weight loss efforts.

Here I have broken down the healthy ingredients I recommend clients consume for weight loss and a better sense of well-being. Pick and choose 2 - 5 of these ingredients for your smoothies, and then go here for additional tips and recipe ideas.

Weight Loss & Well-being Ingredients

  • Apples - low in calories, high in fibre which keeps you full for longer; contain polyphenols which boost the metabolism of all types of body fat. Add 1/2 apple with the peel.

  • Avocado – a healthy fat, contains dietary fibre and essential vitamins such as B6 (reduces cortisol, the "stress hormone" which stimulates belly fat retention). Add 1/2 an avocado in your smoothies.

  • Beetroot - high in fibre, naturally sweet, increases oxygen flow to muscles. Add 1/2 beetroot (chunks or shredded) to smoothies.

  • Berries – naturally sweet, high in dietary fibre, bursting with antioxidants; naturally helps burn fat. Add 1/2 cup to your recipes.

  • Cinnamon – a powerful antioxidant that boosts the metabolism and insulin function, lowers cholesterol. Add 1-2 tsp to your recipes.

  • Capsicum (hot chillies) – the compound found in cayenne acts a natural appetite suppressant and helps reduce visceral belly fat. Add 1/2 tsp to smoothies.

  • Chia seeds - provide 10 grams of fibre in 2 tbsp; help control hunger and reduce belly fat. Add to smoothies or as a topping.

  • Chocolate (dark) – 70% raw cacao has high concentrations of polyphenols that stimulate a burn fat; high in magnesium. Add 2-3 tsp of the powder to smoothies; a sprinkling of nibs topping for bowls.

  • Coconut oil – a healthy fat that can boost the body's fat burning ability. Add 1 tbsp to your recipes.

  • Grapefruit – high in phytochemicals that stimulate the body to break down fat. Add a drop of edible grapefruit oil like doTerra or half a fresh grapefruit fruit.

  • Flaxseed –high in omega-3 fatty acids and fibre. Use the ground seeds, 1- 2 tsp.

  • Green tea – the caffeine in tea is loaded with antioxidants and catechins which help accelerate fat-burning; use cooled tea or Tegreen supplement*

  • Greens Balance - a blend of whole fruit and vegetable powders rich in antioxidants, phytonutrients and fibre. Add 1 scoop to smoothies daily.

  • Hemp - rich in fibre; a natural appetite suppressant helping you feel full for longer; reduces hunger cravings. Simply adding 2-4 tbsp of hemp seeds

  • Egg – if you are not vegan, eggs are a fantastic source of protein which helps boost metabolism; the body digests the protein and uses the fat and calories for fuel

  • Maca root - the powder balances the body's natural hormones supporting your weight loss efforts; try 2 tsp in smoothies.

  • Pumpkin seeds – a rich source of digestible protein that helps stabilise blood sugar levels; contains zinc which is important for fat burning. Add 2 tbsp to your smoothies or as a topping in smoothies bowls.

  • Psyllium husk - low carb, source of natural fibre, improves gut health and helps keep you regular; psyllium also keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Add 1 tbsp to start with and then work up to 3 tbsp in your smoothies.

  • Spinach & leafy greens – low calorie, rich in phytonutrients, chlorophyll, and essential dietary fibre. Add 1 cup to smoothies.

  • Spirulina - a Hawaiian algae (usually powder or liquid) that contains protein and fibre and may improve weight loss while increasing energy levels. Try 1-3 grams a day.

  • Turmeric - a warming spice, increases the body temp and boosts metabolism. use ground powder form only; it is also an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. 1-2 tbsp in smoothies. Try this recipe or this one.

  • Walnuts - provides omega-3 fatty acids that activate fat-burning by changing your insulin resistance; lowers bad cholesterol. Add 5-10 in your smoothie.

  • Whole grains – choose oats or quinoa; high in essential fibre; slow-burning to keep you satiated, improve gut health and IBS symptoms. Add 1/4 cup to smoothies.

*If you don't enjoy the taste of green tea, you can omit the tea and add one capsule of this metabolism booster, then up the coconut water to 250ml.

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Bonus Smoothie Recipe!

This superfood recipe is one of my all time favourites and is sweet and beautifully creamy. It combines the healing power of turmeric and ginger with in-season mango fruit.

Mango Turmeric Smoothie Recipe

  • 250ml almond milk, unsweetened

  • 1/2 banana, frozen

  • 1/2 cup frozen mango

  • 1 scoop FibreBoost (buy here)

  • 2 scoops Vanilla protein (I use this one)

  • 2 tsp ground turmeric powder

  • 2 tsp ground ginger powder

  • 1/2 cup crushed ice

Blend ingredients in a high powered blender until thick and creamy. Serve chilled and top with your favourite whole food toppings.

HEALTH COACH TIP: Try adding the above suggestions to your current lifestyle. I always recommend that clients choose physical activities that they actually enjoy doing. This gives you more chance of sticking with it and seeing success.

Put it into action. ...what are you going to try from this article?

Wishing you health + happiness,

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