Drop 5kg! The Detox Plan You Have To Try This Week

Updated: Mar 26

Hydrate with infused water and lose weight.

What would you do if you were 5 kg lighter? What would be different for you in your life right now? Can you picture it? If your mind has just listed off zillion things you would go and do—that your current weight is making you put off—this is a must read for you!

In my line of work people come to me for all sorts of reasons, but by far the number one reason is trying to shift that stubborn belly fat. And it is a challenge to get moving, but not impossible if you follow my proven plan to shift those unwanted kilos safely and effectively.

Cut Out The Sugar

Eliminating or drastically eliminating or limiting  sugary and overly processed foods will help you lose a few kilos very quickly. These types of foods are considered empty calories and have no real nutritional value. In many cases processed foods and sugary snacks are filled with additives, preservatives, and chemical fillers. These are not natural compounds found in nature and the body does not know what to do with them. In essence they are toxins, and the body stores these unnatural toxins in our fat cells to protect the organs. The more fat you are carrying the more potential toxicity is being stored in your body. 

Just by cutting out desserts, lollies, colas and energy drinks, you should see a 2 to 3 kg drop within a week or two depending on how fast your metabolism works.

When you have been eating poorly for a long time it is often the case that your metabolism may have become sluggish. Do not be discouraged if this is you. The human body is an incredible organism and will adapt quickly. 

You can detox by replacing your colas and energy drinks with plain or a good quality mineral water. I suggest to clients that they infuse their water with botanicals like lemon, grapefruit, cucumber, mint or basil to help detox. If you are really struggling and find you really are missing fizzy drinks, I use and recommend these vitamin supplements, click here

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This all natural tonic can be safely used as a replacement for your morning coffee or for pushing past that afternoon slump where you’d ordinarily rely on cola or energy drinks. Just stir in a vitamin B enriched fizzstick for an all natural energy boost. It makes a delicious, refreshing bubbly drink that can help promote alertness and naturally.

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Practice Food Combining Your Snacks

Nuts and high-fibre berries make an excellent healthy snack.

Food combining is very helpful in naturally treating some gut health conditions and detoxing from a poor diet. However, not being a dietitian, I only prescribe a very simple form of food combining for those wanting to lose weight. I have practised food combining myself since my early tweens and still remember how amazed I was at the difference in bloating, IBS and other symptoms I was struggling with at the time. Night and day!

Get ready for the kilo drop! When you eat foods that contain sugar, even the healthy kind found in nutrient dense fruits or present in complex carbs, it can spike your insulin levels. But when these foods are paired with a clean source of protein, the impact is lessened. This is because proteins trigger the release of glucagon, a hormone which stabilizes insulin levels. In essence, protein dulls the impact sugar has on your blood sugar levels (insulin). You could lose 1-3kg just by becoming mindful of this and basing your food choices on this concept.

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When food combining, it might look like a pairing of a few almonds with a small serving of fresh berries, or an apple with a stick of cheese. Protein is usually best consumed with fruits or vegetables, not with complex carbohydrates. Those are better consumed afterwards.

I tell clients the easiest way to get started with food combining, is with your snacks. It’s pretty simple to pair nuts, seeds, cottage cheese, yoghurt or animal meat/eggs with a high-fibre vegetable or fruit. In fact you could prepare whole meals around this concept (best done with a dietitian or nutrition practitioners guidance). But for the purpose of this topic, just stick to using it for your snacks. If you are keen to learn more on food combining, read this.

Drink More Water

Lemon water helps flush out toxins and improve gut health.

Dehydration is one of the major reasons why people overeat, experience food cravings and carry extra body fat. For many of us, it is a hard distinction between hunger and thirst. More often than not, we mistake thirst for hunger and indulge in that mid morning snack or late arvo coffee and bakery treat for a boost.

You can detox and lose 2-5kg alone just by keeping up with your water intake and ensuring your body is fully hydrated. On average, most adults need 3 litres per day, more in hot, humid weather or if perspiring heavily. I recommend that you carry a water bottle with you and sip throughout the day. Never chug water--its damaging to the digestive tract and in some extreme cases fatal.

Kick start your body's digestion first thing every morning with 500ml of warmed lemon water; you can learn how to make it the right way here. Then sip regularly during the rest of the day. To really ramp up your weight loss results, try a mug of pure green tea before all major meals (if you are not caffeine sensitive). Green tea has many health benefits and has been proven to rev the metabolism helping you burn fat more effectively.

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Get Sneaky With Your Fitness

I don't care if you have been sedentary for months, or are a regular gym rat. You would be seriously surprised how much time you can find for fitness if you really try. And it doesn't require a gym membership or fancy equipment.

People think getting more active involves a big effort to get to the gym or play sport, but in fact you can drop a few kilos easily by just kicking up your daily activity a notch. Start by parking the car further away from the door at the shops; walk the extra two minutes up the stairs instead of the lift; walk briskly up travelator at the mall instead of standing still. You have legs let's use them!

When you are doing chores at home, don't stand still. Add in squats while hanging laundry, lunges while folding it. Do a series of leg lifts while washing up or cooking over the stove. While watching TV crawl down on the floor and do side leg lifts, ab crunches, pushups or a few pilates moves while enjoying your favourite shows. Randomly jump up from your desk or when exiting the car and do jumping jacks, squat jumps or hops depending on your abilities.

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You can plan for a walk after the kiddie drop off or arrive 30 minutes early for pick ups. Push the pram or use a sling (baby adds weight resistance) even if all you can spare is 10 minutes. Combined with the above, these little bursts of activity done daily add up very quickly. Bye bye jelly belly!

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