Chocolate Lovers Recipe Roundup That Boosts Mood & Gut Health

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Chocolate Lovers Recipe Roundup That Boosts Mood & Gut Health

Many stress eaters tend to reach for chocolate to smooth frazzled emotions especially in the mid-afternoon. Can't you just taste that cafe mocha or TimTam right about now? Well, hold on! In this mouthwatering recipe roundup, I've gathered a heap of my favourite chocolate recipes made with tummy loving ingredients that also boost mood giving you a mini menu of healthy treats you can enjoy guilt-free.

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1. Chocolate Covered Bliss Balls

Almudena Montoto's Chochy Bliss Balls

These tasty as snack bites are just the thing to beat junk food cravings. Made with the natural, raw sweetness of Medjool dates, this recipe by Insta foodie, Almudena Montoto, is high-fibre and a source of clean protein relying on rolled oats and almonds to give the bliss dough a nice texture.

Oats are among the healthiest grains for the gut. They are a gluten-free, whole grain and excellent source of important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Almonds help to naturally increase good bacteria in the gut plus provide protein and healthy fats. I like to add a dash of Lee Holme's Love Your Guts powder to the recipe to really boost my gut health with every bite. You can find Almudena's recipe and other tasty delights of hers, here. Just be sure to limit yourself to 1-2 bliss balls.

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2. Two-Ingredient Chocolate Fudge

It's hard to believe something this delish is made from only two ingredient, but it is. Fellow raw foodie, Nadia of Nadia's Healthy Kitchen, has shared this super simple and nutritious recipe requiring only two healthy food items; dark chocolate and almond butter. I have made some bars similar this at Christmastime as a share-treat, and used unsweetened, organic 70% dark chocolate and homemade, activated almond butter in mine. This works well with Nadia's recipe too. Limit yourself to 1 serving.

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3. Chocolate Quinoa Crisps

If you like a crispy chocolate bar, this is your healthy substitute. Lindsay of the The Toasted Pine Nut specialises in gluten-free and low carb recipes, and has come up with this healthy chocolate crisp that uses quinoa, coconut oil and raw chocolate powder. When I tried it, I made sure I used organic coconut oil and good quality raw cacao (not cocoa). Raw cacao is the superfoodie part of the cocoa bean and is prized for its rich source of magnesium (soothes PMS, menstrual cramping and helps boost mood). Coconut oil has many health benefits and solidifies at room temperature making it an easy ingredient to use in chocolate making. Portion control is key as these are really addictive!

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4. Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie Bowl by Lee Holmes

Who doesn't enjoy a creamy chocolate smoothie? I can't think of anyone, and this one by supercharged food goddess, Lee Holmes, is sure to please. Not only a delicious bowl, bit it also feeds your gut flora at the same time as nourishing your tastebuds! I love having a half serve as a dessert at the that time of the month when I tend to crave more magnesium (aka chochy cravings).

This recipe is made with raw cacao (a natural source of magnesium that can help ease menstrual pains), plus high fibre bananas, raspberries, avocado and gut-friendly yogurt. Grab Lee Supercharged tummy loving, mouthwatering recipe here. I'm so drooling as I'm posting this!

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5. Chocolate Avocado Keto Cookies

This keto-friendly chocolate cookie needs only 5 ingredients to create a guiltless treat with only 5g of net carbs per cookie! Low carb blogger Carine of Sweet As Honey has combined the healthy fat and fibre of avocado with the protein of egg and nut butter to make a gut friendly cookie that not only feeds the gut, it also helps balance blood sugar levels as compared to a regular chochy cookie.

When I tried her recipe, I used raw cacao instead of cocoa and made my own nut butter. I also like to add a dash of Lee Holme's Love Your Guts powder to the recipe and really boost digestion. As with all these treats, stick to good portion control and only enjoy one biscuit, or a half serving to give yourself a taste without overdoing it.

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6. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chia Pudding

This dessert pudding is deceivingly healthy and provides a major hit of dietary fibre for good digestion, and omega-3 for brain function. I love chia seeds for this very reason, they are such powerhouse of nutrients. In Cheryl Malik's recipe, she combines chocolate and peanut butter into a delicious healthy pudding you can enjoy guilt-free. I usually add a probiotic capsule or something like Lee Holme's Love Your Guts powder to make my treats extra good for the gut. This added step will help you improve your favourite recipes and sneakily give your guts a hug. Check out Cheryl's blog, 40 Aprons for this pudding recipe. It'll fast become a favourite!

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7. Chocolate Keto Ice Cream

I might be a very anti-diet Health Practitioner, but I sure wasn't going to deny you chocolate ice cream! I just insist it be made with wholesome, healthy ingredients. I've made many vegan ice cream recipes using bananas, but never avocado so I was excited to give this one a go.

Avos are a superfood packed with essential dietary fibre and essential nutrients such as potassium, which helps promote healthy digestive function. And in this recipe, Carine of Sweet As Honey has done it again giving us this super creamy keto chocolate ice cream that is 100% dairy-free made with almond and coconut milk. My only tweeks to her recipe is to use pure, raw cacao in place of cocoa, avoid xylitol and erythritol and use stevia drops or the granules instead. Finally make sure the coconut milk you choose is organic. View Carine's ice cream recipe here.

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