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Online Services and Health Clinic Wollongong, NSW

©2019 by Em Lewis. All rights reserved.

This site may from time to time, use images created by freepik pixabay pexels and unsplash. Wherever possible the artist or photographer has been given credit. A big thank you to all contributors.

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Hello, beautiful!

I'm Emma, a Fitness, Health & Nutrition Practitioner. My inner fire is lit making healthy super simple for every day people.


Vegan Skin Elixir

by Certified Vegan Arbonne


Drink in the glow! This vegan formula contains a skin-boosting botanical blend with sea buckthorn extract, combined with smart molecules to build collagen and neutralise free radicals from sun and pollution known to cause oxidative stress (aka wrinkles). Like a super water for your skin, it’s your daily dose of inner-loving care to help skin maintain its elasticity, smooth texture, plumpness, and overall healthy-looking glow.

Orders, message me!


Harmony Oil

by Arbonne (Rescue & Renew)


Every mum needs this oil in her bag. One sniff and calm is restored with a pleasing blend of orange, lavender, rosemary, and ginger to foster harmony. Naturally promotes relaxation and an overall sense of well-being in seconds.

Destress and get yours today!



Mandala Beach Throw

by CupShe Beach Wear


Forget about your shape or size, whether you have a beach body or not. Just get outside for some vitamin sea and soak up the beach vibes with this mandala printed, circular beach throw. Designed in a super soft material and edged in tassels for a trendy beachy look.


Pink Floral Kimono Cover Up by Cupshe.com

Be Super Stylish While You Lose Weight

by Cupshe Clothing


Shhhh... cover those flabby arms and the back fat with this chiffon kimono style cover up. Getting healthier takes time but no one said you couldn't do it in style! I love this one, its super lightweight fabric, perfect for summer or over your favourite jeans in winter.


Pura Vida

Self Care Is Essential For Worn Out, Tired Mums

by Pura Vida Bracelets


Adjust your crown, my beautiful Mama. I know motherhood is a tough and bumpy ride, but for most of us it is also the ultimate lesson in practising self care.


We give so much of ourselves to others--especially us parents of special needs kids--but this year it is YOUR time to shine and give back to yourself.


Start small and treat yourself. Shed that negative guilt and embrace caring for yourself with the same devotion you give your family!

Get Healthy With Me

Detox from the build-up of every day toxins with this gentle 3 day food-based cleanse. The Love Your Body eBook includes all self care tips and a flexible detox meal plan.

Can be repeated over and over whenever you need a gentle cleanse for the body.

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