8 Fitness Tips For Crazy Busy Mums

Whether you are a new mum or been at this motherhood gig for some time, its quite normal to lose a sense of yourself and shelf your needs for that of the family. But as challenging as it is to find 'me time', it is essential if you want to be a healthy happy mum. Let me inspire you and share with my top tips to getting your fitness mojo back again!

Book It Mama

I know for many of us stay at home mums, toting a diary went out with the first bubba, but you have to make your health a priority. Whatever you use currently, add your fitness to your schedule like you would one of the kids' doctor appointments. Its is just important, if not more!

Our ability to parent and be positive mums has a direct correlation with how we feel about ourselves and our own wellbeing. Despite the countless sleepless nights, absentee husbands, messy houses and mega stress, going for a workout will do you wonders. Once you get into a groove, you'll look forward to the break and love how regular exercise changes your body and minds for the better.

Multi-tasking Fitness

Yes it's a real thing! For most of us stay at home mums, we are the domestic goddesses magicing the household into order and keeping things clean. Amid the chaos, fit mums know there is countless hidden opportunities to get moving and fit exercise into their day. Consider doing squats as you hang laundry on the clothes horse; run an extra three laps up and down the stairs as you put away toys. Put on some funky dance music and get the kids to dance while you shuffle your way across the lounge room with the feather duster. Get creative and just move!

Create A Home Gym

Let's get real. It can be challenging to pack the entire fam bam up every day to get to the gym and then there's the added expense of petrol and creche fees, but there is very little stopping you from creating a gym space in your own home. You truly don't need much space to lift a few weight, skip rope and practice HIIT body weight exercises. In fact, I have created fitness program for mums with no equipment whatsoever and we've had incredible results.

Break It Up

With little ones I know how hard it can be to find time for yourself especially if the kiddies' ages mean difference schedules and routines. So for clients with this issue, I recommend you break up your workouts into smaller chunks and practice them multiple times throughout the day rather than one long gym session. This can make a huge difference between doing nothing and getting it in every day! You can complete a highly effective fat burning HIIT workout in less than 7 minutes and be done before baby wakes up. Later in the day, you can purposely spend 10 minutes jumping on the trampoline with the kids to add to your fitness. Start looking for ways to add a little cardio burst into your day. I guarantee you there IS time!

Use Baby As Resistance

We are only as strong as our excuses. So ditch them like a bad date and go grab bubba. You can add in multiple mion workouts similar to above by using baby and playtime to build muscle. As I am sure you are aware, muscle burns fat. The more you have, the more calories you can burn just sitting still. So grab that little chubba cheeks and get moving together.

Dance around the room, I promise they'll simply delight in this. Get down on the mat and do some overhead lifts (carefully), do a round of pushups over baby on the mat. Practice a round of situps and kiss bubba with each rep. Play beek-a-boo and explode into a squat jump; baby will love it and coo for more.

If you have older kids, get them to come up with exercise ideas and you have to do what they say; they'll absolutely love being boss for 5 to 10 minutes! Just get moving!

Stop Eating Off The Kids' Plates

Are you sneaking calories and not even aware? I see this so much in my Health Coaching practice. Mums are notorious for snacking off their kids plates and mindlessly adding to the baby weight they are trying to lose. If this you, stop it!

For many of us we were raised with attitudes of not wasting food, but this conditioning from the past has caught many a mum off guard and contributed to her weight struggles. Been there myself, and I can say as hard as it is, leave the kids' food alone. Let it be wasted. Serve them a half serving and let them ask for more if need be. Mindless snacking is sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

If you really struggle with this, I suggest to clients that they w minty chew gum when they serve the kids. Keep chewing util they have completely finished their meals or snacks and you have cleaned up. If you are not a fan of chewy, have the kids police you! Get them to shout out STOP! every time you nibble.

Have Fun & Play More

It's easy to lose your way in the early years of motherhood, and losing your mama mojo is very common. Take back your life by purposely playing more. A spontaneous game of tiggy around the lounge room or order to hop on the trampoline with Mum as 'it' will do wonders for oyur mood and body. It can be a great mood breaker if the kids have been particularly nightmare-ish and your nerves are frazzled.

A burst of exercise is like a magic tonic for all involved. Have fun with this. I had one client invest in a small yellow whistle she hung by the kitchen wall. When things got too much for any family member, they could blow the whistle and the whole family had to stop what they were doing and do 10 jumping jacks, 10 pushups and 10 ab crunches. They all got fit rather fast as you can imagine and it became a fun gag among them all. They'd prank each other blowing it at all hours!

Make You A Priority

No one can help you get fit unless you are willing to make the time and commitment. And at a time in most women's life when they are feeling the most depleted I get the struggle. But it's up to you how you look and feel. You need to make your needs a priority just like you do those of your beloved family.

Skim back through this list of ideas. They work. Plus they are fairly simple to implement. I challenge you to pick one or two right now and commit to making them part of your daily routine. Write them out and tack them to your fridge or the bathroom mirror as reminders. You can take back your health and pre-pregnancy body if you make the effort. Start small and add to each new healthy habits as it become part of your daily operations. You got this, sweet mama!!

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