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Get excited! Over the next four weeks (and beyond) we're going dive deep into why emotional and stress eating has become a problem for you and best of all, how to overcome it! 

Every recovery journey is different, so take a deep breath and declare your commitment to repairing your relationship with food, once and for all! Brace yourself for a super empowering combo of written content, worksheets, reflection exercises and lifestyle habit teachings… not to mention, rock-solid support over in the Facebook support Group community.

Welcome to Week #1


I hope you are looking forward to this week as much as I am! Let's get down to business . . . If you haven't already bookmarked this page, please do so to make accessing your course materials super easy peasy. You will also find a link to this page in the Facebook support group for handy logins from the group. Remember, you will need the password to enter the course pages; keep it handy and please, do not share the password.*
Don't forget to join the course Facebook support group where you'll receive additional coaching, complimentary course materials, freebies and support through other women also on the self empowerment journey.  The group is our private forum to share successes, struggles, personal stories and feel understood in a confidential group of peers.  Being an active member of this secret Facebook group is compulsory to complete this ecourse. Please make sure your group notifications settings are turned "on" so you don't miss a thing!
If you are enrolled in the Coach Guided eCourse version of this course, we will need to book your first coaching session, the Initiation Goal Setting Session. If you have not already arranged this with me directly, please message me ASAP to schedule one BEFORE you embark on the course. In this session we will discuss your unique circumstances and how to get the most out of the course.
If you enrolled in the self-paced eCourse version, you can choose to follow along with this month's intake or jump right into the material. If at any time along the way, you realise that you may need more hands-on support, you are able to add-on coaching services. To view your options, click here.
*The password and course pages are a paid service. Anyone caught sharing unauthorised access or the materials of this course will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Please respect the terms of use, plus the time, effort and expertise that your Coach has put into this health coaching service.
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What Is Emotional Eating?
Understanding what emotional or stress eating is will help you regain control with overeating and your eating patterns. This is a critical step in taking back control of your food intake and weight management. Read the following article >>


What Are My Triggers?​

Learn the different trigger points that lead you to use food to cope with emotional stress. Afterwards, complete the worksheets to help you get crystal clear on what your personal triggers might be and where they might have come from. Download the worksheet kit >>


Non-Food Activities To Try Instead

Not having a positive way to manage your emotions can lead to the use of food for comfort. In this module, we'll explore non-food ways to help you better manage emotional stress and arm yourself with a checklist of activities to try instead. Download the worksheet kit >>


Self-Forgiveness & Worksheet

When working on shifting old, outgrown behaviors its essential to accept the fact that you may relapse or fall back on old habits. Self-forgiveness is a core foundation that help you view these setbacks as a learning experience or teachable moment. Remember, you
will be restarting from a far more knowledgeable space. 


Using Your Daily Success Tracker

To reach a goal, it is essential that you keep track of where you first started and how close you are to achieving your aspirations. Grab your Daily & Weekly Success Tracker to monitor your progress throughout the course. This tracker is compulsory. Download now >>
ZIP File contains all Training Material listed above


Use this handy checklist to keep track of tasks completed.

  • You understand what emotional eating is. and how it may have affected you.
  • You have an idea what your triggers might be and what to do .about them.
  • You have a checklist of non-food ways to comfort when you feel emotional.
  • You now know what ask yourself IF you slip up and how to forgive yourself.
  • You have tracked your progress this week and have had some small wins.

Congratulations on completing Week #1!

            We just wrapped up our first week of training and I hope you gained some clarity on how stress and eating may have been affecting you. By now you should have a clear idea of what needs your attention and the awareness of some the necessary changes to your lifestyle and coping habits we need to work on together.
Go visit the Support Group (click here) and share your week's work and experience. What did you learn? What needs to shift and change? What frustrated you and what do you now feel empowered to tackle?
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