Leap Off The Emotional Eating Roller Coaster

Begin To Heal, I Will Teach You How!

You deserve to live a life free from dieting, restrictions, self-judgement and guilt. Liberate yourself by taking the first step and choosing YOU first.

Let me ask you...do you tend to snack unnecessarily when you are stressed or anxious? Is your weight always fluctuating according to how you're feeling emotionally? Has it been a constant battle keep the weight off, resist cravings and eat healthy? Does the floor of your pantry have crumbs or lollie wrappers? You are not alone!

Take a leap and end this now!


& free yourself

You An Emotional Eater If...


When you find yourself nibbing or snacking for other reasons than satisfying physical hunger, you are "emotional eating".


This reactive snacking usually happens when you are feeling upset, depressed or anxious. Sadly, it can become a downward spiral. A healthy relationship with food means eating ONLY when you are truly hungry and stopping when you are full.


But sometimes it just not as easy as that, is it?
Heading 6

Here’s what you'll learn:

  • The Causes of Poor Gut Health

  • How To Assess Your Own Gut Health

  • Lifestyle Habits That Affect Gut Health

  • How Fitness Improves Gut Health

  • 10 Must-Haves For Good Gut Health

  • 6 Ways To Feed Your Gut

  • Fermented Foods For Gut Health

  • How Much Do You Need

  • Fermented & Gut-Friendly Food Checklist

  • Coconut Water Kefir Recipe & The Benefits

  • 3 Day Menu & Recipes For Gut Better Health


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10 Ways To Repair Gut Health

Kick start a healthier, happier tummy with this 19 page ebook complete with 12 gut-friendly recipes.


Rescue Your Health Naturally​


Sometimes we need a helping hand to kick aside the obstacles and clear a pathway for success. I work as a passionate Health Practitioner helping women over 40 end emotional eating and rescue their health with simple lifestyle habits, plantbased foods and all natural remedies. Let's work together!

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I understand how frustrating finding health can be. That is why I have dedicated my clinic to helping people overcome emotional eating and tap into the healing power of plantbased foods.

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