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Change Your Life With Food

Hello, I'm Emma

Since 2014, I’ve been on a mission to make healthy super simple. I work with people who have tried it all and are fed up with yo-yo dieting, deciphering all the conflicting nutrition fads, and who struggle to lose weight and find the energy to get physically active.


It's time for a change. Better health. Improved fitness. More energy. And simply making healthy your new normal. Let me show you the proven way to take back your health!






I believe everyone deserves to experience their best body.


My Story Unfolds As...

In 2013 I had a series of unpleasant 'ahh-ha' moments. I was fit and healthy but I wasn't looking after myself; I'd shelved my needs to serve the family. That's when I came face-to-face with an aggressive form of breast cancer. As a mum with two young babies you can only imagine how utterly devastated and threatened I was! The thought of surcomming to this deadly, invasive dis-ease rocked me to the core.


I had just turned 40. I was a passionate fitness and wellness blogger; I was training to compete in a fitness competition, preparing to study for my certificate III & IV in Fitness. Face-to-face combat with the big C was not a battle I wanted to take on, my plate was already chockablock full! But we went head to head anyway.


My life came to a screeching halt upon diagnosis; I questioned everything I was doing. Why had it chosen me? I was healthy. I ate clean; I worked out 6 days a week; wrote fitness, nutrition and self-help articles for numerous health sites. I was not supposed to get sick. But I did. And it made me realise something vitally important was missing from my seemingly healthy life --- balance. 


Breast cancer didn't defeat me, instead, it lit a fire in my belly! I took breast cancer on like everything I do--with full throttled determination! I was lucky and won, but not without losing a breast and gaining a patchwork of ugly scar 'badges' only Frankenstein would love. Today, I continue my mission with 1000x more passion and ambition. My healthy lifestyle helped me immensely in recovery, but it also taught me ...

I was missing out on self-care... 

Despite outside appearances, I was miserable. My marriage was crumbling, I wanted out. My son was diagnosed on the spectrum, my daughter ADHD all in the same year. I was hustling hard at my small bootcamp business but inside I was unfulfilled and utterly and emotionally burned out. My cancer recovery, which include 3 more surgeries and rehabilitation for full mobility, just added to the load. I knew I had to change things. Surviving cancer had given me a second chance at life and I wasn't about to mess that up. 

I took back my life... 

My health scare was my fuel. My unhappiness the match. I filed for divorce, embraced single parenting and learned all I could about autism and raising high functioning kids. I began to listen to my inner voice, fully trust my intuition, and followed my passion for healing the body through food into becoming a Health Coach. Determined to thrive, I dove even deeper into health studies with a fierce curiosity to find answers that I could share to make a difference in the lives of others. What I uncovered was that optimum health was quite simple, and self care was at the centre. I now teach others how they too can take back their health, embrace healthy living and thrive!

Take Back Your Health



I'm hearing you. Somewhere along the way between having children and becoming the CEO of family life, you lost your way. Maybe even part of yourself! Your needs began to get put aside for nighttime feeds, hectic mornings, school runs and for many, juggling a career or side hustle.


Amid the chaos, you lost your way. Your fitness, diet and health was the collateral damage.

Yes, I have been there myself! I feel your pain and I am very excited to tell

you that you have finally landed in the right place! 

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I understand how frustrating finding health can be. That is why I have dedicated my clinic to helping people overcome emotional eating and tap into the healing power of plantbased foods.

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