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It's time to            the emotional eating roller coaster once and for all!


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Ready to ditch dieting?

Finally end the emotional eating roller coaster and create positive, lasting change!

Ditch the diets. Toss the scale.
End the guilt, frustration and self sabotage!


Stress can manifest in many ways and trigger some of us to lean on the pleasurable experience of food instead of dealing with the uncomfortable feelings. If you suspect that you use food to cope with hard emotions and daily stress come let me empower you with the knowledge to work through those sneaky triggers, food cravings and emotional roadblocks.

Repair your 

with food and end the binges, stress eating and poor eating habits.


“I just completed Em's emotional eating program and totally crushed my goals. I now have a much better relationship with food and can FINALLY fit in my fave skinny jeans! I'm so glad I signed up and took a leap of faith. Thank you, Em!

I crushed my goals

— Lynda,  Brisbane

Image by Karly Gomez

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I'm Emma ...

Welcome my beautiful! If you landed on my digital door, then you are probably seeking kind-hearted support to manage your eating habits and improve your lifestyle. Well, sit back with a green tea or turmeric latte because you are exactly where you need to be right now! I can't wait to help you shine, and bring a wealth of knowledge to the table to help you do just that. I'm an Australian certified Fitness Trainer and Health Practitioner with an extensive goodie box and the endless passion to help you rescue your health and finally repair your relationship with food for good. I've mapped out the journey, because guess what? I've been there myself. If I can recover, so can you!
I suppose if we are going to get super personal and work together, I'd better go first and share a bit about myself. I am busy mum to 5 kids, partnered with my soulmate and fierce about family values. One of my children is high functioning Aspergers with Sensory Processing Disorder and high anxiety, and another is a vibrant busy-bee with ADHD. This keeps me on my toes and fuels my wild warrior spirit.. Personally, I have overcome severe food allergies as a tween, recovered from anorexia as a teenager and crushed the s**t out of an aggressive breast cancer at 40. Trust me, I've been to war but i also know how to go from barely surviving to positively thriving!
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